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"Flooding, nutrient leaching and point sources "
Print date: Wednesday, February 20 2019 - 1:11
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Flooding, nutrient leaching and point sources

CLIWAT will provide a handbook for engineering community indicating where changed hydrological conditions may call for new construction standards. The handbook will be developed during the interactive work with the boards and will be finished by the end of the project period (2011).

As a follow-up activity CLIWAT has the aim to support the implementation of the findings in respect of increased outwash of nutrients to rivers and sea in the environmental protection plans realized in conjunction with the EU Water Framework and Groundwater Directive both in the pilot areas and in other similar areas.
It is the plan that the finding in respects of increased outwash of pollutants from polluted sites is used to create more viable economic solutions to these problems. The developed new methods on exploration will be applied in general and delivered to private consultants. Through this work the project will provide valuable data for the derivation of groundwater threshold values set to protect human health and the environment, especially for the planned technical review of the Groundwater Directive in 2013.