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Target audience

The target audience and target groups of the CLIWAT project will represent five levels:

  • EU water level policy makers (e.g. responsible for EU Directives),
  • Water basin authorities at the basin scale (e.g. transboundary ba­sins),
  • National level (policy makers),
  • Water boards (subunits of the river basin scale) and
  • Local authorities and the engineering community.

Furthermore, NGOs at all levels are important CLIWAT target audiences. Among these multi level target audiences mainly the strategic planners at the different scales (North Sea region, trans­boundary, sub basin, local) rather than operational managers, will be main target audience. In order to inform broadly about CLIWAT and the website, special focus will be on the media and with appropriate tools toward these using campaign approaches, press releases and newsletters. Hereby target audience will be “timely” and ade­quately informed e.g. before,during and after the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009. A final conference presenting and synthesising results from CLIWAT will also be arranged in order to allow further discussions on re­sults and processes from the project.

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