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Guidelines for adaption - a start of a new process

The climate changes and the impact on the hydrological system is a regional problem of “a border crossing” nature. The challenges should therefore be solved on a transboundary scale. An output of this cooperation is the knowledge exchange between the different partners and boards. The project will involve a wide range of sectors from local, regional, national authorities, technical society to universities. This leads not only to an exchange of knowledge but also the awareness of the consequences is raised. The close contact to stakeholders trough work-shops and a board of stakeholders is of high priority.

The boards will be included in the project from the start and be presented to the predicted outcome at an early stage. The boards will be able to adjust the project and outcome in 12 workshops. In the involved countries there are at present different focus points. The project will secure a common consensus about the most urgent needs for adaption.

The key point is to bring state of the art knowledge from the involved countries together and deliver the combined understanding to an adaption process. To deal with and understand the coming challenges the project includes partnership of a wide range of experts and authorities. The experts and technicians investigate the challenges and solutions while the authorities deliver the change in planning and legislation.

Adaption to climate induced changes in groundwater systems and dependent ecosystems is a start of a new process.

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