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"Dissemination and calendar"
Print date: Wednesday, July 8 2020 - 14:02
Page last modified: March 4, 2009

Dissemination and calendar

CLIWAT is a three year Interreg project running in the period September 2008 - September 2011.


  1. Preparation and planning: Detailed project plan. Board involvement (end-user involvement), publicity (01-09/2008-01-11/2008) - Region Midjylland (responsible)
  2. Pilot projects and data collection: Technical data, adjustment of project (end user involvement), publicity (01-09/2008-01-04/2009) - LIAG and SEECON (responsible)
  3. Data analysis: Geological and groundwater models, prediction tool & status assessment, end user involvement, publicity - Deltares, GEUS, SEECON, LLUR (responsible)
  4. Technical report and management plan - recommendations for the future (Technical report, Regional management plan, Board contribution and Education of consultants) - Region Midtjylland (responsible)
  5. Finalizing: Final conference, publicity - Region Midtjylland (responsible)