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Climate change and groundwater
Needs for adaption to the new climate
Climate and groundwater issues in case studies
Impacts on freshwater cycle and groundwater
Future climate scenarios
Water scarcity or flooding
Brief description of aims for field studies and modelling
Participatory modelling
Presentation of outcomes of the modelling and thematic maps
Climate change groundwater scenario modelling
Adapting to climate change
Target audience
Flooding, nutrient leaching and point sources
Guidelines for adaption - a start of a new process
Integrating and synthesising the results
Links to other programmes and projects
National boards
Transnational meetings
Propositions for stakeholders of CLIWAT
EU directives and guidelines
CIS Working Group C
Dissemination and calendar
Meeting calender
Contact points
Making it happen in a dialogue - The five CLIWAT phases
Frequently asked questions