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Meeting calender

Planned December 2008 – Actual XX.XX 2008
National board.
Presentation of the key issues, aims and activities of the project

  • workshop 1: Important aspects to be incorporated into the working process of CLIWAT seen from the boards point of view – and how do CLIWAT link to EU directives
  • workshop 2: Which policies and decision points are most urgent and needed to be developed during the project? (this part should be included in the first meeting as it is of main importance for the ongoing of the further project)

Planned June 2009 – Actual XX.XX.2009
National board.

  • Presentation of preliminary results
  • Checking the direction of the project.
  • Feedback from the boards and - if invited – of experts from science to the decisions made in the first meetings. Discussion of possible adaptation and deviations of the project.

Planned December 2009 – Actual XX.XX.2009 (the summit is in December 2009)
Transnational meeting.

  • Presentation of the most urgent and needed demands for policies and decision points from the four involved countries.
  • Inputs from invited experts from science.

Planned May 2010 – Actual XX.XX.2009
National boards.

  • Presentation of results from the meeting in the transnational board.
  • Presentation of results from the ongoing work of the project.
  • Field demonstration to end users and stakeholders (if applicable)
  • Workshop: Discussion of the first draft of common policies and decision points.
  • Workshop: Which processes/initiatives? towards an adaptation to the future climate changes should be started between the stakeholders represented by the board members.

Planned December 2010 – Actual XX.XX.2010
Transnational meeting

  • Presentation of important planned adaptation processes from the four involved countries.
  • Workshop: Where do we see common adaptation-processes in the four countries that should be coordinated? How do we initiate a common process and exchange of ideas ?
  • field demonstration to end users and stakeholders (if applicable)

Planned June 2011 – Actual XX.XX.2011
National boards, final conference

  • Presentation of results from the CLIWAT project,
  • Presentation of the adaptation-processes established during the CLIWAT project with special emphasis on how they will continue work after the project period ends.
  • Future use of the climate expert-panel and web-page established during the CLIWAT project.
  • Capacity building on products developed.
  • Implementation of results and dissemination
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